Getting Started


New Authority Application


Authority with *Factoring    $0


Complete Authority    $950


Basic Authority    $535


Post Authority    $475

IFTA, IRP, 2290

You choose the services that are needed to get your trucking company started.  Save money on the DOT, MC, BOC3, and UCR filings by becoming a factoring client.

*Factoring provides immediate cash to run your trucking company.  It makes sure you are paid the same day you deliver your load.  The 3% factoring fee also covers all of the back-office work of billing, invoicing and collections with your customers. 


Prices do not include government fees.        

Other Services 

A-La-Carte Application 


Just need one or two items to complete the setup process?  Let us know where you are at and what we can do to help.

       Filings include;

  • Business Entity Filing

  • EIN Number

  • DOT Number

  • MC Number

  • BOC3

  • UCR

  • IFTA

  • 2290

  • TX DOT

  • CA Number

  • CA Permit

  • Weight Distance Permits (KY, NY, OR, NM)

  • Updates to DOT & MC

  • Updates to IRP & IFTA

  • MVR Report

  • Voluntary Revocation

  • Renewals for all filings

  • And much more!  Contact us and let us know what you need.   

DOT Safety Audit

Keep You Legal



A-La-Carte Application 

There are many annul filings due throughout the year.  Let us take care of those for you, all for a low monthly cost.

Annual Services Program:

  • 4 quarters of IFTA taxes

  • UCR 

  • IRS Form 2290

  • USDOT Update

  • IFTA License Renewal

  • IRP Renewal

  • Priority Handling

  • Timely Reminders


All this for just $75 a month!  


Price includes 1-2 trucks, each additional truck just $10 more a month.

*If you travel in the following states; NM, KY, NY you will need to file quarterly weight distance taxes for just $9 more a month we will take care of these for you.

*If you travel in OR, you will be required to report your miles monthly, we can do that for you for just $25 / mo. 

A-La-Carte Application 


We will ensure you have everything you need to pass your safety audit.  All for the lowest price out there. All CDL drivers are required to be enrolled into a Drug Consortium Pool - to be drug tested at random.  You must also register in the FMCSA Portal and the FMCSA Clearinghouse - a new, mandatory national database where employers can search all drivers' drug and alcohol testing results.  All CDL drivers must have a Driver Qualification File as well.  the DQF includes a 3 year MVR report from your states DMV, an employment application, drivers certificate or equivalent, medical card, Drug and Alcohol Policy Manual, Supervisor Training and other required documents.  We will provide everything necessary.  

 Just select;

  • Driver Qualification File $150

  • Enrollment in Drug Consortium Pool $80


IFTA Tax Filings 

IFTA Totals - New Client

If your GVW is over 26k lbs. and you run interstate, you are required to have an IFTA License and file quarterly taxes.  They are due every quarter; January, April, July and October. You will need to total your gallons of fuel purchased in each state and your miles driven in each state. If you use a fuel card, it will keep track of your gallons per state. Your ELD will keep track of your miles per state.  Enter those totals on the above form and submit to us when you are ready to file your IFTA taxes. We will ensure your IFTA taxes are filed correctly and on time.

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