Truck Factoring Services

Enhance your company's success by quickly turning your invoices into working capital that you can use to grow your business.

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What are Truck Factoring Services?

When your invoices start to collect dust, our truck factoring services can help you turn them into instant cash. By selling your aging invoices directly to us, we’ll give you an immediate invoice payout worth the face value of your invoice, minus our factoring fee. And, while you get busy putting your hard-earned cash towards growing your business, your customer will directly resolve the original invoice payment with us.

The Truck Factoring Process

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Step 1: You Do What You Do Best
First, you haul a load for a broker or shipper, generating a valid invoice that you wish to get paid for.

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Step 2: Send Us the Details
Once you’ve generated an invoice, simply send it to us along with any supporting paperwork. Our truck factoring professionals will review your documents before paying you out.

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Step 3: You Get Paid!
Once everything checks out for completeness and accuracy, we’ll bill your broker or shipper directly and pay you your advance amount.

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Step 4: The Cycle Completes
After your invoice has aged the appropriate amount of time, your customer will pay us directly – thus completing the truck factoring process cycle.

As truck factoring professionals, we understand how frustrating the invoice aging time frame can be. Our truck factoring services exist, so your financial worries don’t persist. We guarantee fast payments on all factored invoices and offer back-office support to ensure all your billing and collections are organized and managed in one secure place.


What's Included in Our Factoring Program?

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Fast Payments

Our professional factoring staff work hard to ensure that all of our clients quickly receive funding for their factored invoices. We understand  that your time is money.

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Back-Office Support

We will handle all of the billing and collections with your customers, organized and all in one place. You have 24/7 online access to view your account.

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Fuel Cards

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses a trucking company faces.  Use our WEX Fuel Card to fill up for less, every time.  Use the fuel-finder app to locate the largest fuel discounts near you.

Strapped for Cash and Need to Pay for Fuel?

Our Truck Factoring Services Can Help With That Too!

Integrity Factoring WEX Fuel card.

Introducing our WEX Fuel Card

Helping You Fill Up For Less, Wherever You Are

Fuel. It’s one of the biggest expenses trucking companies face. And because we understand that every penny you can save on fuel improves your bottom line, we’ve come up with a trucking fuel card solution.

Fuel Card Application

Our WEX Fuel Card Offers Several Fill-Up Benefits:

Nearly Universal Acceptance at Truck Stops.

Cost Savings Through Pre-Negotiated Fuel Discounts

Industry-Leading Security and Reporting

The Ability to Fuel at Both Truck Stops and Gas Stations Nationwide

Get better flexibility to pay for fuel out on the road. Our fuel card program allows our clients to set up our WEX Fuel Card as a line of credit, as a prepaid debit card, or as a cash deposit account. As a factoring client, you are also able to get your factored invoices and fuel advances sent to your fuel card, ensuring you always have the cash you need to pick up your next load!

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