How does Factoring help my company succeed?

Increased Profitability

Factoring is a financial service that helps people turn their invoices into immediate cash. Instead of waiting 30-60 days for slow paying customers to mail a check, factoring allows a business to get paid the same day. This cash helps to pay for immediate expenses like fuel, parts and labor. Factoring ensures you always have the funds to pick up your next load.  It is a crucial financial service for new trucking businesses.

Our factoring partner, Integrity Factoring has created a simple, hassle-free factoring program. With a low flat rate that never goes up you can be confident that you're getting the best deal out there.  If we got your trucking authority, just let us know you would like factoring and we will underwrite you in an hour.  If you are new to our services please fill out the below application. 

Factoring Application  

What's included in Integrity Factoring's Program?

Back-Office Support

We will handle all of the billing and collections with your customers.  Organized and all in one place, you can login 24/7 to view your account.

Fuel Card


Fuel is one of the biggest expenses a trucking company faces.  Use our

WEX/ EFS Fuel Card to fill up for less, every time.  Use the fuel-finder app to locate the largest fuel discounts near you. 

Equipment Financing

Integrity Factoring offers excellent rates on equipment finance for the transportation industry. 

Equipment Financing

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