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We Listen to Our Clients

We listen to our clients and provide the products and services that they need to increase their productivity and efficiency.  Helping them achieve their maximum growth and revenue goals.


We got our start in the transportation industry over 20 years ago,

We got our start in the transportation industry over 20 years ago with the nitty gritty of driving truck, dispatching, and brokering. In 2007, we entered the factoring industry. While we initially focused on OTR clients, we now serve oilfield service companies as well.  Recognizing the significant impact of compliance issues on our trucking clients, we expanded our services in 2010 to include trucking compliance. Our mission is to support our clients in growing their operations by providing essential cash flow and ensuring timely and accurate paperwork filing. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their maximum business potential. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being of our team and local community, actively participating and investing in education, sports, community events, and improvement projects.

Our Team

Authority & Compliance

Denise Erickson

Compliance Manager

Denise Erickson, our Compliance Manager, ensures our company's adherence to federal, state, and local regulations in the trucking industry. With a keen eye on updates from the FMCSA, she streamlines order efficiency to improve internal goals and maintain high client satisfaction. Denise's drive for adaptability and teamwork foster a positive work culture, where her energetic approach and dedication shine. Beyond work, Denise devotes her time to family and friends, always ready to laugh with them on a moment’s notice.

Joy Collins

Compliance Assitant Manager

Joy Collins serves as our Compliance Assistant Manager, dedicating her time to ensuring clients efficiently navigate FMCSA regulations and state-specific requirements while keeping them updated on licenses and permits. Her contributions to the department include optimizing day-to-day operations, increasing productivity, and reducing turnaround times. Joy values learning and collaboration, leveraging these qualities to achieve her goals and cross-train in various departments. Outside of work, she balances her life with dance classes, soccer practice, school projects, and the responsibility of keeping her daughter's goldfish alive.

Jennifer Wees-Schkade

Compliance Specialist

Jennifer Wees-Schkade specializes in assisting motor carriers with the International Registration Plan (IRP) and the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) for fuel tax reporting. A graduate of Boise State University with a Bachelor of Science in International Relations, Jennifer brings over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry, lending her expertise to Authority Express LLC since 2019. She prioritizes professionalism and client mission fulfillment, aiming to understand the broader context of her tasks to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. Outside of work, Jennifer's focus lies in family, pets, and spiritual pursuits, nurturing her small menagerie and enjoying time with her husband.

Madalyn Mall

Compliance Specialist

Madalyn Mall serves as a Compliance Specialist at Authority Express, bringing over three years of dedication to the company and a desire for continued growth. She values efficiency and accuracy, ensuring clients receive correct information in a timely manner. Outside of work, Madalyn enjoys fishing, wowing friends, family, and passersby with her immense skill.

Adrianna Patridge

Compliance Specialist

Adrianna serves as a Compliance Specialist. Her main duties include answering client questions through email and phone calls, cutting and mailing decals, and aiding existing authorities in becoming fully compliant by fixing any outstanding issues. During her time with our company, Adrianna has made continuous learning and growth a priority. Adrianna's focus on efficiency, accuracy, and helpfulness drives her dedication to supporting clients effectively.

Naomie Greenfield

Compliance Specialist

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John Morrison

Business Development Representative

John Morrison is a Business Development Representative, primarily responsible for building relationships with potential clients and earning their business through serving them well. John's background of service, including eight years in the United States Army, honed his leadership skills, which he further utilized during his six-year tenure on the Grand View City Council. John enjoys interacting with the public but prefers to work behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight. Outside of work, he finds fulfillment in the many roles he plays within his family: son, husband, father, and grandfather. One of his most cherished moments is meeting his wife online in February 2009 and marrying her just two months later, and they have been happily married ever since.


RaeLynn Mathews

Owner & President

RaeLynn Mathews is the Owner of Integrity Factoring and Authority Express, where she collaborates with her management teams to set strategic direction emphasizing customer service, innovation, and sales. A recent accomplishment includes developing an app aimed at serving our customers by streamlining trucking administrative tasks. Raised in a small farming and ranching town in Idaho, RaeLynn values hard work and aims to provide products and services that help our clients work with ease and efficiency. Outside of work, she cherishes her role as a mother to four children and enjoys rural life on her farm, which is home to horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and pigs. Alongside her husband and children, RaeLynn engages in various activities like 4H, sports, dirt bikes, fishing, hunting, and camping. She actively contributes to her community by volunteering at church and serving on the Bruneau Grand View School Board and the Grand View Community Club Board.

Victoria Collett

Director of Operations

Victoria Collett is our Director of Operations, overseeing various aspects including AP & AR, HR, and IT. Her focus on efficient departmental processes has been key in facilitating the growth of small businesses throughout her career. Victoria's guiding principle is to leave the world better than she found it, a principle that is evident by her deep involvement in community service. Outside of work, Victoria serves as a volunteer Emergency Medical Services provider and sits on the board for the Grand View Community Club.

Angel Williams

Factoring Operations Manager

Angel is a highly accomplished professional serving as our Factoring Operations Manager and Senior Oilfield Account Manager. With her strong focus on efficiency and commitment to exceptional results, Angel significantly increased productivity within the Factoring Operations department. Her meticulous approach to developing and implementing procedures in the oilfield factoring division reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, evident in substantial improvements in areas such as mispays, short-pays, and billing errors. Beyond the workplace, Angel enjoys the simple pleasures of life, relaxing while reading a book or spending quality time with family and friends.

Alexis Hipwell

Factoring Operations Assistant Manager

Alexis is a driven Factoring Operations Assistant Manager and Team Lead known for her exceptional ability to streamline processes and achieve remarkable results. With a keen focus on efficiency, Alexis leads her team to set processes and goals for the freight factoring division, ensuring seamless operations. Alexis oversees daily tasks, empowering her team to handle smooth invoice processing, aging invoices, DOT Audits, and collections with efficiency. Her expertise extends to streamlining the entire freight factoring process, resulting in measurable improvements and improved productivity. Outside of work, Alexis finds joy in reading, doing her nails, and cooking for her family.

Brindy Pennington

Lead Underwriter

Brindy Pennington is our lead underwriter tasked with handling underwriting, collections, and legal tasks. Her daily responsibilities include processing applications, conducting credit checks, managing credit increases, overseeing collections, and handling legal matters. Her legal experience includes receiving an invitation from the producers of Judy Justice to appear on her new show. Brindy takes pride in her work and ensuring timely completion of tasks. Outside of work, she enjoys her roles as a mom, wife, and housekeeper, along with indulging in her passions for plants, Harry Potter, and all things nerdy.

Anthony Fullmer

Director of Sales & Marketing

Anthony Fullmer is our Director of Sales & Marketing, who collaborates with our sales staff and helps plan and execute our marketing initiatives.  His technical background has also allowed him to contribute to the design and development of RoadOffice, our trucking and compliance paperwork platform. Anthony values honesty, transparency, clear communication, and mutual respect in his interactions with clients and coworkers, preferring to make those the core values of the departments he oversees. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking for loved ones and travelling far and wide with his wife and children.

Jasmine Araujo

Lead Account Manager

Jasmine, a lead account manager in our transportation factoring division, possesses a keen eye for detail and exceptional task management skills. Specializing in back-end factoring processes like aging, negative escrow, MC audits, and issue resolution, Jasmine supports her team to help them perform at their best. Her greatest strength lies in being task and detail-oriented, allowing her to effectively manage and resolve issues for both clients and her team. Beyond work, Jasmine finds joy in shopping and exploring new places, indulging in exciting adventures during her leisure time.

Sara Ramirez

Account Manager

As an Account Manager Sara’s daily responsibilities include overseeing aging, DOT audits, collections, client relations, and occasionally processing invoices. Sara’s extensive experience and abilities as a problem solver is consistently leveraged to improve the OTR factoring process. At home, Sara is a mother of four who enjoys reading and crocheting in her personal time.

Maricela Rodriguez

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Maricela is involved in the daily processing of client invoices and addressing account issues, such as aging, while providing support where needed. Maricela brought a wealth of experience to the role, including five years of experience in both our compliance and factoring departments. Her commitment to efficiency, accuracy, and effective time management has enabled her success in the factoring department. Outside of work, Maricela is a mother of three, and loves creating memories with family and friends.

Maya Liesen

Account Manager

Mya is an Account Manager, primarily involved in processing invoices and managing aging. Her greatest job satisfaction comes from her ability to effectively address client questions, as exemplified by her commitment to accuracy, kindness, and timeliness. Outside of work, Mya is a wife and mother who finds joy in spending time with family and finding an excuse to travel.

Kylah Everitt

Account Manager

Kylah, an Oilfield Account Manager, specializes in providing factoring services for our oilfield clients. With expertise in managing invoicing processes and creating internal documentation, Kylah ensures smooth transitions for future Account Managers. Transitioning into the Oilfield division within four months of joining, she collaborated with her manager to streamline invoice processing, improving efficiency, and reducing the average time to fund. Kylah's commitment to excellence coupled with prioritizing growth, collaboration, and honesty, fosters a positive work environment. Outside of work, Kylah has a passion for cats and cherishes them as her favorite pets, especially her beloved cat Daisy whom she rescued from the side of the road.

Lawsen Schuler

Accounts Payable

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Madison Pasley

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Madison collaborates with her team to handle the daily processing of clients' invoice paperwork for factoring. Guided by an attitude of adaptability and dedication to helping others, Madison consistently contributes to low aging invoice percentages and identifying problems with brokers within her account management team. Beyond work, she finds enjoyment in spending time with family, pursuing gardening activities, exploring new hot springs, and leisurely moments on the beach.

Stephanie Hipwell

Account Manager

Stephanie is an Account Manager in the transportation factoring division at Integrity Factoring. Working closely with her team and clients, she ensures efficient invoice processing and provides excellent customer service. Stephanie values time management and efficiency, emphasizing streamlined processes to optimize productivity and meet client needs effectively. Beyond work, she is a devoted mother of four children actively involved in sports, balancing her energy and dedication between work and family life.

John Jenkins

Business Development Representative

John Jenkins serves as a Business Development Representative at Integrity Factoring. John is tasked with identifying trucking companies that could benefit from our factoring services and reaching out to build meaningful relationships with them. With over two decades of experience, including ownership of a specialty advertising company, John brings a wealth of expertise in sales and effective communication. His commitment to honesty, respect, and integrity guides his approach, ensuring transparent discussions about clients' financial needs without resorting to high-pressure tactics. Outside of work, John treasures his faith, family, and strong work ethic, finding joy in spending quality time with his wife, two sons, daughters-in-law, and eight beloved grandchildren.

Joseph Mealer

Business Development Representative

Joseph Mealer serves as a Business Development Representative, assisting clients with understanding their authority compliance and our factoring services. He values adaptability, "out-of-the-box" thinking, and technical expertise, honed through experiences as a former driver and manager of a moving company. His background as a driver allows him to appreciate the impact of our services in growing a trucking business and empathize with the challenges faced by our clients. Outside of work, Joseph is a published musician and verified artist on Spotify, finding fulfillment in his creative pursuits.