Our Annual Services Program
Assists You all Year Long.

Getting your trucking authority is only the first step. Our team will help you with the monthly, quarterly, and annual filings required to stay in compliance.

What is your Annual Services Program?

For an active trucking company, your government paperwork is never done. There are endless reporting periods, renewals, and tax filings required to keep your authority in good standing. Our annual services program is built to provide ongoing support to your trucking company throughout the year.

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What's Included in Our Annual Program

What you are required to maintain depends on your weight class. CDL trucks (26,001 lbs. GVW and greater) and Non-CDL (10,000 - 26,000 lbs. GVW) are the two main categories. Our annual services program covers the major filings in each category.

CDL Annual

DOT Update - 1 Annually
UCR Renewal (Due December)
IFTA License Renewal (Due January)
IFTA Quarterly Tax Filings (Due Jan., Apr., Jul., & Oct.)
IRP Renewal
2290 Renewal (Due July)
Priority Processing

Non-CDL Annual

Unlimited DOT Updates
UCR Renewal (Due December)
Priority Processing

Need Extra Help?

If you have extra non-standard items that need attention, such as state-specific weight distance tax permits, SCAC codes, or anything else, we can help with that as well. Please just let us know what extra filings you have, and we can tell you if we offer the service and get you the pricing to add it to your Annual Services Program.

We're Here To Help.

Aren't sure what you need to get started? Have questions about the process? Please fill out our contact form to get the help you need.

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