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Maximize Savings on Trucking Authority Filing Fees

At Authority Express, we're committed to supporting your trucking business from the start. Our exclusive Authority Rebate Program is designed to help you save significantly on filing fees for obtaining your trucking authority. Here's how it works:

1. Set Up With Our Factoring Service

When you choose our Invoice Factoring service, you unlock a world of benefits, including access to our Authority Rebate Program. Invoice Factoring allows you to access immediate funds by selling your outstanding invoices to us.

2. We File Your Trucking Authority

Once you're enrolled in our Invoice Factoring service, we take care of the administrative hassle of filing for your trucking authority on your behalf. Our team of experts ensures a smooth and efficient process.

3. Filing Fee Rebates

As a valued customer, we rebate all of our authority filing fees directly to you once you factor $10,000 in invoices. This means you can save money right from the start and invest it back into your growing trucking business.

Please note this amount does not include any state or federal fees.

4. Accelerate Your Cash Flow

By combining our Invoice Factoring service with the Authority Rebate Program, you not only save on filing fees but also improve your cash flow. Access the funds you need to cover expenses, invest in equipment, hire drivers, and fuel the growth of your trucking operations.

Experience the financial advantage of our Authority Rebate Program and take your trucking business to new heights. Sign up for our Authority Rebate Program today and start maximizing your savings!

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We believe in being more than just a one-stop solution for truckers. We're here to be your comprehensive support system, dedicated to your success every step of the way. Our range of additional services are designed to empower your trucking operations and help you thrive in today's competitive industry.


Obtain and maintain your trucking authority hassle-free with our streamlined Authority Service. We handle all the paperwork, filings, and regulatory requirements, saving you valuable time and ensuring compliance


Say goodbye to waiting for payment from your clients and eliminate stressful cash flow gaps. We provide quick and reliable funding by advancing cash on your outstanding invoices.

Fuel Card

Enjoy access to a vast network of fueling stations nationwide, offering competitive discounts and preferred pricing. Get rid of the hassle of keeping track of receipts and manually reconciling fuel expenses.


Experience seamless data synchronization, real-time monitoring, and automated logbook management. Drive with confidence, knowing that you're backed by our trusted ELD partnership with Motive.

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