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UCR Registration for only $140!

What is it?

A system where the government collects fees from interstate truckers. 

If you operate a truck or bus in interstate or international commerce, the

federal Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCR) applies to your business.


Who is Required to Have it?

Interstate vehicles over 26,000 lbs.


How Much Does it Cost?

$140 for the filing, (this includes the $89 federal filing fee) 

$290 for 3-5 trucks (this includes the $230 federal filing fee)


Fine for Not Having it?

$1,000 -  $5,000


When is it Due?

Each November 30th.  Not prorated. 

Don't Wait!

The penalty for not filing your UCR is anywhere from $1 - $5,000, depending on your state. Some states also consider a missed UCR filing a misdemeanor, which can result in jail time and court costs. Don't let your business screech to a halt, contact us today and remain in compliance!

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