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IFTA only $85!

How Does This Program Work? 

Just complete our easy one page Application with attached IFTA Totals Sheet.  Then email your completed IFTA Totals Sheet with your miles ran in each state and your gallons of fuel purchased in each state to  We setup your IFTA account online with your state and file your quarterly taxes online. 


How Much Does it Cost?

We charge $85 per quarter to file your IFTA taxes.  What you will pay to your state varies. Fuel tax calculations are based on miles traveled in each state and gallons of fuel purchased in each state.  Every states tax rate is different.  


What if I Have More Than One Truck?

Our rate of $85 per quarter applies to 1-2 trucks.  After that it's only $15 for each additional truck. 

What Paperwork is Required?

You have to keep track of all your miles traveled in each state and your gallons of fuel traveled in each state.  You can get this information from your ELD and fuel receipts. 


When are IFTA Quarterly Taxes Due?

  •  April 30

  •  July 31

  • October 31

  • January 31


What is the Fine for Not Having it?

Penalty of $50.00 or 10% of the net tax liability, whichever is greater, will be assessed on late-filed returns or failure to file.  You have to file even if you didn’t run that quarter.  You have to mark “cancel license” on a current tax return to insure you don’t have to file the next quarter.  There is a $100 reinstatement fee. 


Don't Wait!

The penalty for late payment of the IFTA is often higher than the cost to have it professionally filed with us. Don't let your


business screech to a halt, contact us today and remain in compliance!

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