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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A DOT Number all I need to run legally?

No, unfortunately, there are several other items that you will be required to obtain to run legally, depending on your type of operations. If you have any questions, fill out the contact form above and our team will be happy to go over your particular requirements. 

Do I Need a Truck Before I File For My DOT Number?

No, you are not required to get a truck before you file for your DOT number. However, the FMCSA will not activate your authority without valid insurance on file, which will require your truck in order to get. You have roughly 90 days from the date your MC Number is filed to place insurance on file or the FMCSA will dismiss your authority. 

How Long Does It Take To Get a DOT Number?

When we apply for your DOT Number, the DOT number is issued as soon as the application is complete. However, if you do not have the remaining required filings in place for your operations, you will not be able to legally operate until they are in place as well.